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I'm not sure if I have told you before that I'm crazy about my hair. I have tried tons of hair care products looking for a miracle product that can help me with my dry hair. And I am closer than ever to completion of my search.

Miracle Protein is produced by the Singapore-based company named SILKmineral. It is created to instantly boost your daily care to new level.
Miracle Protein
the jar 
Image from SilkMineral.com

What company says: Helps to UV reflect, moisturize and strengthen hair / skin.

Silk Peptide - moisture retention due to it's strong ability to attract water.Conditioning properties and link hair / skin fibers to improve elasticity and resilancy.

Silk Amino Acid - prevent dehydration of hair / skin and form crystalline protective barrier from damage oaf alkaline.

Silk Powder - anti-inflammation properties, helps reflect UV radiation, and absorbing excessive oil.

Allantoin - helps in anti-aging.

Menthol - cooling agent, anti-fungul and anti-bacteria. (Info from from SilkMineral.com)

Miracle Protein
Image from SilkMineral.com

Ingredients: Silk Peptide, Silk Amino Acids, Silk Powder, Allantoin, Menthol. 

Price: 1.76 oz. / 50 g Economy Tub is $31.29 / 938.7 rub. and 0.7 oz. / 20 g Festive Jar is $18.63 / 558.75 rub. You can also purchase a Trial Bottle for $4.17 / 125.16 rub. It holds 0.28 oz. / 8 g of product.

My experience: I received a Trial Bottle of Miracle Protein. 
 Miracle Protein
Trial Bottle

Miracle Protein is fine milled white powder with a light menthol scent. 
 Miracle Protein
the texture

I use Miracle Protein with my conditioner and hair mask as stated in the Reference Guide above. Miracle Protein is easily soluble in water. When you mix it with your conditioner or hair mask they are easily mixed together and if you love the scent of your hair care products when you'll be happy because Miracle Protein doesn't change their scent.

After rinsing out even when the hair is still wet I can feel that it is softer and smoother than usually and it's not that tangled. When dry the texture of my hair is improved, the hair is more manageable and straight and the volume is amazing. It looks and feels healthier.
 before Miracle Protein
after Miracle Protein

The effect of Miracle Protein is long-lasting and goes further than several hair washings without it. 

The other day I went to the hairdresser to have my ends and bang cut and I was surprised by how little hair was cut at the ends. I must say that I hate to have my ends cut because it takes so long to grow it out so I was really happy to see it! Miracle Protein does work!

BTW After applying my hair mask with Miracle Protein to my hair I have noticed that the skin on my hands is softer and smoother too) Really multipurpose product!

I received Trial Bottle of Miracle Protein from SilkMineral.com for review purposes. 

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