5 Habits That Cause Wrinkles

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Today my blog is being handed over to the fabulous Cindy Clark, to take us through the habits that cause wrinkles.

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5 Habits That Cause Wrinkles

Wrinkles are a fact of life, and it’s the main reason why people turn to BOTOX and fillers. But you can certainly delay the development of wrinkles by avoiding these lifestyle habits that have been scientifically proven to contribute to creases and furrows:

1. Sleeping on your front, with your face jammed into the pillow.
We need about 8 hours of rest to keep wrinkles at bay, because it’s at night that our body repairs itself. When we sleep, our skin addresses the damage caused by the environment and lifestyle habits, attempting to heal. However, sleeping on your front may not be the best position to get your beauty rest. Here’s why: press something hard into your skin and hold for a few seconds, then remove it. Do you see the imprint left behind? Now imagine your face, pressing down into your pillow for hours in the same position. Chances are, your cheek is pushed up, squishing the delicate skin around your eye and making it wrinkled. When we’re young, your skin is able to smooth out. But as collagen and elastin levels taper off in our latter years, those wrinkles won’t be able to smooth away as nicely, and you’ll have wrinkles just because you slept on your front.

Solution: Sleep on your back, without touching pressing your face up on anything.

2. Not moisturizing.
One primary reason we develop wrinkles is related to the decrease in our skin’s moisture levels, which means it isn’t as supple and elastic. Dry skin is wrinkled more easily, and that’s why it’s so important that you moisturize using a product that’s designed for your skin.

Solution: Always, always apply moisturizer after cleansing and as the final step in your skincare regimen.

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3. Sunworshipping.
It’s a proven fact that UV exposure directly causes wrinkles, along with a host of other signs of aging (pigmentation problems, redness, roughness, etc.). UV contributes to the disintegration of collagen and elastin. It is damaging to our skin and should be avoided at all times of the year.

Solution: At the peak of summer or the depths of winter, apply sunscreen and limit exposure to 5 minutes or under (just so you can get your Vitamin D). You’ll be rewarded with younger, more supple skin that is far smoother than your sunworshipping friends!

4. Not drinking enough water.
You knew we’d get to this one eventually! Never mind that scientists have not proven drinking a lot of water directly contributes to the moisture in your skin keeping well hydrated allows our bodily functions and processes to operate at optimal levels. When we drink water, it encourages toxins and waste to flush from our system, enabling our skin to become healthier.

Solution: Drink the recommended 2 litres of fresh water daily. You can reduce this amount accordingly if you’ve eaten a lot of juicy fruit and vegetables.

5. Not sweating.
Sweating is good for you, and the best way to do it is to exercise! Not only will you keep your body in top form, you’ll also be flushing away toxins and clearing your pores of trapped debris and dead skin cells – gunk that makes your complexion lackluster and more prone to developing wrinkles.

Solution: Get up off that couch! Aim to do at least 20 minutes of exercise everyday. Start slowly with a long walk around the neighbourhood, then add weight training to improve your metabolism.

Cindy Clark is a medical consultant for Skin Vitality, one of Canada’s largest aesthetic medical providers. She’s consulted with thousands of patients in her career.


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