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Today I'd like to tell you about one little tool that helps unclog a slow moving bath drain fast and easy. Even a girl can use it ^_^ This is The Drain Claw from Bad Cat Solutions.

The Drain Claw
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Seriously, I have very slow bathtub and sink drains. Me and my daughter both have very long thick hair and while we are washing it we loose some hairs and they get caught into the drain making it really slow. Add soap buildup and other gunk, and as a result  - when I'm taking just a quick shower I have to stand in the bathtub with water coming up to my ankles... or even higher! >_< 

I think I don't need to mention that I don't like the idea of using harsh chemicals to open those slow drains. They aren't good for the drains, for our health and for our planet. And having a kid in the house makes them strictly no-no.

So... Can you imagine how happy I was when I received The Drain Claw?! ^_^ 

But wait, here comes some more info from the Company that produces this little tool so you can better understand the idea.

What Company say: The Drain Claw was developed by a real estate investor to keep his bath drains open without having to use dangerous chemicals. 

The #1 culprit for clogged bath drains is hair. We lose about 100 hairs a day and most while taking a bath or shower. This hair can get caught in the crossbars at the drain opening or the bracket under the stopper.

The Drain Claw has 100 small interlocking hooks that grabs this hair with a simple push and twist motion. Anyone can use The Drain Claw and for most slow drains because of hair, you can eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals.

The Drain Claw is made in the U.S.A. You find more information about the product on the website

Directions: For a slow or clogged bathtub drain, just work The Drain Claw around the crossbars at the opening of the drain and the bracket that holds the stopper.

For bathroom sinks The Drain Claw not only grabs hair, but it can be pushed into the trap to tear through the buildup of soap, toothpaste and gels. The Drain Claw will pass through the pop up without having to remove it.

Here's the video with the instructions and the product in action:

Unclog a slow drain with The Drain Claw

Ingredients: Not mentioned

Price: You can get 1 item for $6.99 / 210 rub. Orders of 3 or more receive discount. They ship Worldwide.

(Info from

My experience: I received a package of 3 Drain Claws. The packaging is really simple - the product and a leaflet in a clear plastic bag. 

The Drain Claw / the packaging

I love that they made it simple. It's a very pocket / wallet friendly tool so why should we want to pay for excess packaging? ?_? The leaflet also contains instructions on how to use The Drain Claw but seriously, it's clear enough without any instructions once you take this tool in your hands.

The Drain Claw / the packaging

The tool itself is very, very easy to use. And it's quite effective as well! It is a wire tool with a little brush on the end. The brush consists of small hooks.  The rod is flexible, so you can twist and bend it while catching the hair in the drain. 

The Drain Claw

When I first used it I expected to see lots of hair, but what I didn't expected was a huge soap buildup... It looked really gross, I didn't take pictures of it just because I thought you would be afraid of it hehe 

But all the gross was worth it - now bathtub and sinks in my apartment are draining effortlessly. I would say they are the fastest drains ever! ^_^ 

BTW I forgot to mention that The Drain Claw is reusable.

All in all, this is a great little tool for those with slow drains! It's very easy to use even a girl can make it ^_^ I'm very thankful to Bad cat Solutions for the opportunity to try The Drain Claw! I always keep one in my bathroom and I would highly recommend this to everyone! 

I received The Drain Claw from Bad Cat Solutions for review purposes 



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