Freebies And Winnings / January

Hi everyone!

This is my first winning I received last month. I won $50 Gift Voucher from 7Senses in Birthday Month Giveaway #2 featuring 7SENSES at I purchased 2 tees for my hubby and 1 top for myself. There was an issue with delivery so the company included a little gift for me - an owl necklace ^_^

 2 tees, 1 top, and an owl necklace from 7SENSES and

My second winning is 2 pairs of tights from Fiore – Trina zebra print tights and Savanna leopard print tights from The Stylish Fox. I won them in Tights Giveaway at The Stylish Fox Hosiery Blog. When I came across that giveaway I thought about my friend Lena and how it would be fun if I won the tights for her ^_^ The tights fit her style perfect!

 2 pairs of tights from The Stylish Fox 

I also won $22.22 via PayPal in Giveaway: $22.22 in cash (Frugal Follies anniversary celebration!) at Frugal Follies. Purchased some makeup ^_^

That's all! xoxo



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