Music Monday / Kosheen - Slip And Slide Suicide (Life Radio Edit)

Kosheen - Slip And Slide Suicide (Life Radio Edit)

Thanks Pressure for reminding me about Kosheen ^_^ I haven't listened to them for too long but I still remember this tune was loved by my hubby and me years ago and listened to again and again in our previous car... Gold times, we were young, carefree and foolish... 

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  1. ohhh to be young again! time really does slip away, and I love music that brings nothing but sweet memories to my ears. happy monday and thank you for your comment last week! xO

    1. Thanks for stopping by ^_^ Have a great week ^_^

  2. Oh this used to be one of my favorite songs like ...eeem...quite mani years ago and I still like it a lot!



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