Perfectly Suited: Tips On How To Choose The Right Swimsuit For Your Shape

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Summer is coming and it's pretty hot here in Anapa, Russia, and I have already been to the beach two times ^_^ And I was able to get some tan, yay!

Beach in my city - Anapa, Russia

 Today I'd like to tell you about choosing the right swimsuit.

No matter what shape we are – tall, slim, short or curvy – it’s in every woman’s interest to wear a swimsuit that’s as flattering to their figure as possible. 

If you’re unsure about what swimsuit to buy in order to make the most of your physique, read on to find out which style will accentuate your assets to the max. 

How To Choose The Right Swimsuit For Your Shape


Many ladies who have a pear-shaped figure want to conceal their wider hips, bottom and upper thighs. Swimsuits that have a skirted bottom can achieve this, although you could also aim to accentuate your top half by wearing a strapless swimsuit. Aim to draw the attention to your top half, by wearing bright colours and bold prints on the top, whilst minimising attention to the bottom half by sticking to darker colours. 

Resort Embroidered Swimdress


If your breasts are on the larger side, it’s best to stick to springy fabrics such as Lycra and nylon as this will help to lift your breasts and, in doing so, make you look slimmer. A halterneck swimsuit can also help to lift larger breasts and emphasise the shoulders, whilst providing a discreet glimpse of cleavage. Choosing a swimming costume that has an underwired strap built in will give the chest area support. If you want to make your breasts look smaller, stick to darker coloured swimsuits of one shade. 

Resort Fringe Swimsuit


If you want to enhance the size of your breasts and make them look bigger, don’t be afraid of opting for bright colours and fun prints. Patterns and ruffles will help show off your best assets and take attention away from what you don’t have – giving you the illusion of a fuller chest. Be proud, and show off the fact that you don’t need extra support by wearing strapless or stringy swimsuits. Lots of swimwear comes with padding in the chest too, so take advantage. 

Resort Double Ruffle Swimsuit


Some plus-size women can have a tendency to refrain from wearing swimsuits at all, but by choosing the right one, swimwear can accentuate curves and look very sexy. Opt for a swimsuit that has sturdy straps and a decent bra attachment to keep you well supported. Some plus-size women also feel more comfortable wearing a sarong attached to a swimming costume, which can look both stylish and sexy.

Resort Studded Swimdress

Hope this info was helpful! Thanks for reading! xx

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